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GLS Consultants

Real Engineering. Real Solutions. (tm)

GLS Consultants is a Software Engineering firm that provides seasoned, highly qualified Information Technology Professionals on a per-project or per-contract employment basis.  We create Custom Information Technology Solutions that are tailored to meet your company's short & long-term goals.

We have also acquired the Nubiweb Networks Web Hosting company and continue to service existing clients by providing the same Fast and Reliable Internet Services(tm) that were available at Nubiweb Networks.

Our Services

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GLS Consultants ***

Idea-to-Implementation Full Life Cycle Software Development

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Custom Software App Design

We create Mobile-Friendly, Multi-Platform ...     Rapid Prototyping of Web Sites & Mobile Apps

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Full Life Cycle Software Development


Web Site Design


I.T. Management

Project and Team Leadership, Infrastructure Design, Capacity & Resource Planning, Disaster Planning & Recovery, Hardware & Software Purchasing Advice.

Linux Server Configuration & Support

Server setup for common uses as well as custom applications: Web Hosting, VPN, File Server, Backups, Monitoring, Media Server, Single Sign-On, Domain Control

Rapid Prototyping of Web Sites & Mobile Apps

Disaster Prevention & Disaster Recovery Planning

Long-Term Capacity & Resource Planning

Python Programming Expertise

Technical Training & Class Design

Expert-Level Linux Server System Administration

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About Us

Our team consists of System Architects and Analysts, Application Developers, Web Designers, System Administrators and Quality Assurance Engineers. 

Collectively, we offer well over 150 years of technology-related expertise on major computing platforms including Linux/UNIX, Microsoft, as well as Legacy Mainframe Operating Systems.

Our founder, a University of California at Berkeley graduate, has almost 40 years working in Open Source I.T. environments.  He has provided Leadership and Engineering services at some of the most successful companies in their respective industries.

Why clients choose us?

Our corporate work environment demands that we take pride in the quality of our workmanship.

GLS Consultants focuses on industry-standard, well-tested computing environments to develop solutions for our clients. We use best-in-breed technologies that have been proven to be viable as long-term solutions. 

We also continue to be forward-thinking and keep a keen eye on industry changes, which allows us to also take advantage of emerging technologies.

Past & Present Clients

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)
University of California at Berkeley
Jacobs Engineering
University of Southern California
Amdahl Corporation
YellowPages (SMARTPages)
Parametric Technology Corporation
Holiday Inn Resort
Aptiv Digital (Pioneer Digital Technologies, In c)
Strong Computer Systems

Contact Info

How to Reach Us


Office:   +1(323) 223-9523

Working Hours

Mon - Fri:  8:30 - 5:30 PM
Sat:          9:30 - 2:00 PM  
Sun:         Closed

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